You probably clicked here because you like boobs. Now you have to read stuff.

Avatar6-29-2015Hi everyone! I’m Miss_Lollipop, you can call me Lacey or Lolli.

If you’ve ended up here you probably already know a little bit about me. I’m a fulltime camgirl on and have enjoyed doing that for almost 5 years now! I’m a switch, a squirter, and an exhibitionist.

Curvy, kinky, friendly and fierce, originally from New Zealand, I reside in New Orleans now, with my two dogs Hedy & Gigi + other transient foster doggies. I’m heavily into animal rescue and the bdsm lifestyle. I don’t take myself too seriously, I’m always late, and if you want to get to know me more, I suggest you check out my twitter and tumblr blog links above!
This website is run by me, myself and I (with tech help from Moros1138!). All my porn is created by me and me alone. I’m a one woman band!  This isn’t a traditional porn membersite. I’m just not wired that way. Instead I offer access to my vids and pics through a hidden section on my forum. Doing it this way made it more user friendly for me to update (no middle man) and more interactive for you guys.

Outside of the camming world, my passion is for animal rescue. I was the director of a small no kill shelter for 3 years before camming, and it stole my heart. My chatroom regularly does fundraisers and other drives to help out my favourite shelters (and other charities).

I believe being a camgirl has happened to me, to help me make a positive impact in this world. I try my best to do that as often as I can. I also sculpt tiny little figures in polymer clay, read tarot, enjoy getting out in nature, and I love to read.


I also really enjologoy helping other models! Click Fresh Face Contest above to learn about the Fresh Face Contest – a yearly contest for new models to win a trip to visit me in New Orleans, as well as runner up prizes designed to support and help new models.
Moros1138 and I have been working on a project for almost a year now, and it’s ready to launch very soon. Visit to find out more!

We are currently seeking contributors – especially those able to make short video tutorials.