Introducing Fresh Face Model: TempoLily

When I started camming almost 7 years ago now the support and friendship I received from other established cam models was so crucial to me. I created the Fresh Face Contest as a way to help boost some ladies who could use it! These posts are to introduce you to the models who are competing in the contest so you can get to know them! If you like them, make sure to add them on social media and MFC, visit them, tip them and vote for them! 
The full list of FreshFaceContest models and contest info can be found Here

Introducing: TempoLily

Hi everyone!

I’m Lily, I’m 22 and I’ve been camming for a little longer than a month, so I guess I’m still pretty new to this! I’ve enjoyed it a lot and definitely I’m here to stay. 

I’m a dancer, I do contemporary dance mainly, but I want to explore burlesque and other things. This means I’m very flexible, hehe, and I’m always jumping around when I’m on cam. I’m a nerd, I like science, math, science fiction, video games, and learning about all kinds of stuff. I’m from Mexico and I’m very proud of my culture, I learned english from a combination of school lessons and movies/the internet. Everyone is always welcome to bring their likes and interests to my chat room, I love looking at the world from other people’s eyes. I’m looking forward meeting new people from this great community! 




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